About Accepted Author

Create a competitive advantage with Accepted Author, the ultimate resource for college-bound high school students seeking a competitive edge during their application journey. By thoroughly identifying each student's unique accomplishments, we help them step outside the box of traditional academics and extracurriculars to help each application rise to the top of the stack in the admission offices of highly coveted schools around the world.

Our meticulous research underscores a powerful truth: candidates who showcase a unique accomplishment dramatically increase their chances of securing a spot at prestigious, sought-after educational institutions. These accomplishments, tangible proof of a well-rounded life and an unwavering commitment to completion, range from launching a business or developing an innovative app, to publishing a book.

Leveraging over a decade of publishing expertise, our parent company, Surrendered Press, has guided authors from the kernel of an idea to the glory of publication. Harnessing this rich tapestry of knowledge and experience, we're now illuminating the path for students to realize their academic ambitions too -- with proven strategies and smart tools to amplify knowledge, skill, interests, and achievements.

Accepted Author empowers students to command attention in the competitive arena of college applications and subsequent internship opportunities. Transform your application into a compelling narrative of dedication, ambition, and potential by publishing a book of your own.

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