Impress the Admissions Department

It takes a significant accomplishment to get to the top of the pile

Getting accepted into a prestigious college or university can be quite challenging. College admissions officers often receive hundreds or thousands of applications from highly qualified candidates, and the competition for limited spots is fierce. In many cases, the acceptance rates at these institutions are low, sometimes in the single to low double digits.

To have a better chance of being accepted into your dream school, you need to demonstrate more than just exceptional academic achievement, strong extracurricular involvement, impressive essays, and outstanding letters of recommendation. You also need to showcase unique interest, skill, or accomplishment to set you apart from the pool of highly qualified applicants.

Publishing a book can be that accomplishment. And it can be completed in a week!
  • How much does it cost?

    A sixty-minute 1:1 coaching session starts at $250. Most students only need 1-3 sessions to complete their book and get it published. If you already have a manuscript written, one session is likely enough to learn all the steps necessary to get your book on the major book retailers. If you'd like our Done-For-You publishing service, we can publish into your account or ours for $1497. Group coaching/workshops start at $97 per attendee with a four student minimum.

  • What if I don't know how to write a book?

    We'll not only help you select a topic that showcases something interesting and appealing to the admissions deparments you're applying to, but we'll also teach you how to write your book in just a week or two. Yes, a week or two. You can do it over the summer, a holiday break, or even a weekend if you devote some time and energy to getting it completed.

  • How does this help me get accepted to college?

    There are thousands of students with the same or better grades, extra curricular activities, or letters of recommendation as you. The students who stand out and get noticed are those who have done something impressive and unqiue. The students who havce developed an app, started a business, or written a book. If you've done those things already, you're in great shape and have a definite edge over other applicants. But if your resume looks like 99% of all the other applications in the pile, this is a quick and easy way to get moved to the top!

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Because there are many factors that go into the selection process, we can't guarantee you'll be accepted to the college of your choice. However, if you're not satisfied with the information provided during your first session, we will refund the cost of your session. 

Sounds too easy? It's not. We can help you select a topic, write it, and publish it to all the major retailers in a matter of days or weeks. Become a published author before the summer is over.

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